Whitepaper: The Four Corners of Global Payments

Learn how trends in online and mobile payments create opportunities for your business in EMEA, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America.


Selling online into new markets can be challenging. Consumer expectations with regards to their preferred devices and payment methods, or concerns such as fulfillment or security, can make international expansion daunting. Yet for many merchants, there are real opportunities for growth in cross-border eCommerce: new markets mean more potential sales.

In this whitepaper, Ingenico ePayments explores the key payments trends in each of the four major global regions. If you have cross-border ambitions and want to develop a successful, local payments strategy, download ‘Four Corners of Global Payments’ today to:

  • Understand what impact specific trends in online and mobile payments in EMEA, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America can have on your expansion strategy
  • Discover what unique opportunities each region might present to your business today and in the future
  • Learn how each region requires a unique approach, such as different local payment methods, for successful expansion.